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Site builder

Sites Designer is an engine for building a site.

Also, a huge plus is that it's multi-user where every visitor can build the website

and directly from the "sites designer" to publish on the Internet with one click.

Possibilities of the script:

- Registration and authorization for users

- Ready templates by topic

- The editing. You can edit both the whole block and his individual parts

- Unlimited addition, creation of pages

- FTP. In site's settings you can enter FTP data to publish the site

- Export the site. The site can also be saved on the computer after the building

- and much more

- The script is designed for further development.

Referral system

The script of the referral program for your site.

Simple and convenient system for earnings for your visitors.

The ability to integrate into any your site.

Features of the referral program:

- Registration and authorization for referrals

- Admin has admin panel for viewing registered users

- Creating a referral link, monitoring earnings

- Appointment of earnings in manual mode for each user

- The script is designed for further development.

Application control system

Multifunctional system for controlling bids (applications).

An excellent solution for enterprises, organizations with mass appeals.

Convinience and control over applications will make your business successful.

Possibilities of the application control system:

- Creation, editing, viewing of applications

- Processing of applications, working with the customer's base

- Global statistics, knowledge center, notebook

- Well-designed administrative panel

- Great opportunities in settings and management

- The script is full and does not need any improvements

Easy CMS

Free download
Easy CMS is a system for managing your site.

This system is absolutely free for our visitors and customers.

It's eady to implement a blog, information site, etc.

Currently, the following features:

- Customizing the languages of the site, changing the theme (design) of the site

- Adding, editing site pages

- Module of photo album, blog, statistics of visits

- Simple and convenient interface admin panel

- Protection against unauthorized actions

- The script is designed for further development.

Promotion in VK

"Like VK" is a tool for promotion in social networks.

The service script is developed by PHP + MySQL + AJAX.

The service is designed to earn money on services.

Currently, the following features:

- User's registration and authorization

- User settings,using a profile VK (social network)

- Adding and controlling assignments

- Personal balance, ability to earn points

- and much more

- The script is designed for further development.

Real estate board

The script of the real estate board ads. This script developed by PHP + MYSQL

It's suitable for any subject classified ads.

Currently, the following features:

- Registration and user and authorization

- Authorization using social network VK

- Adding and editing ads

- Blacklist system, complaints and suggestions

- Searching ads system

- The script is designed to further refinement.


The Script of donations on your site will help to collect money.

Easily integrable into any part of your site.

Currently, the following features:

- Acceptance of payments through payment system liqpay

- Easy interface bootstrap

- Notification to your email confirming your successful payment

- View the statistics panel of accepted payments

- Counter is generate the collected amount

- The script is designed to further refinement.

Email sending

The Script of distribution system e-mail messages for your business. E-mailing's system allows you to reach the maximum market. There are no restrictions on the number of messages sent.

Features of distribution system:

- Set the parameters of the sender

- Set the parameters of the body message to the conservation

- The ability to control the distribution process

- Sent messages do not fall into Spam (Junk Email))

- The ability to install the form on the website to collect email addresses

- The possibility of creating html emails

- Russian management interface

- The script is designed to further refinement.

Multi cabinet

This script is a multi cabinet for your site and business. Personal account has a unique design using bootstrap. Very flexible to manage. Personal account what you can modify and change for any direction.

Features of personal account:

- Registration and client authentication

- Personal Area

- User services, extension

- Invoicing

- Monitoring services

- Internal support service for clients

- Unique design

- The script is designed to further refinement.

Personal account

The script is a multifunctional personal account for your site and business. Personal account has an opportunity for the owners of hosting services to build your business. Personal account what you can modify and change for any direction.

Features of personal account:

- Registration and client authentication

- Personal Area

- User's balance at any currency

- Pay money into account by liqpay

- Withdrawal (pay out) by the application (the administrator handles the conclusions)

- Technical support (communication with the administrators)

- View the history of payments, input and output

- The administrator manages clientds completely, seeing all the inputs and outputs, controls the services and accounts.

Support ticket script

The script of system is a user's support. Multifunctional system simplifies the work of support on your site. This script is self-made and it can be installed on any site, regardless of the CMS.

Features of the script:

- Home page with description

- Login page

- Registration Page

- Page of all tickets

- Archive Page of tickets

- Page of correspondence (with the advanced editor)

- Page of creation ticket with a choice of department

- Administration, deleting, blocking, Edit.

Promo system

This script allows to organize online "promotions" on your site. System Integration is possible for any site, regardless of your CMS. It developed on PHP + MYSQL + BOOTSTRAP.

Currently, the following features of the script:

- Authorization into administrative part

- Creation and editing of promo codes

- The creation of additional fields

- Enter the promotional code box and receive results

- Status of used and unused promotional codes

- Protected against SQL injections and XSS.


Statistics of incomes

This plugin allows you to organize on your platformpl statistics of all your incomes. At the moment this script has the following options:

Currently, the following features:

- Display of income from transactions

- Display income from PRO accounts

- Display of income from the TOP

- Display of income from the conclusions

- Setting the display period of the staistics

- Graphic statistics in the admin panel

Dialog Chat Cotonti

This module allows users to communicate online (without reloading the page). There are a lot of comments in the code, so you will easily understand everything.

Currently, the following features:

- Import messages from the module's base PM. (In the admin panel)

- Sending messages with Ajax

- Updating new messages with Ajax

- With an inactive tab dialog, and with incoming message in the title appears "* You have a new message." (Whatch Video)

- Messages from different users located in separate dialogues

- There are quantity of new massages in the site's head

- Isolation of unread messages

- The review any information about the user in the dialogue

Person's verification

This module allows users to pass person's verification submitting the document (passport or other). Such verification moderates by administrator at the admin panel where you can decide to approve / reject such verification. If the user verified, his rating grows up. Also the user's profile has a status,which boosts the confidence among of the other users.

Currently, the following features:

- Addition and review verification status

- Administration of applications for verification

- Removal of passport data

- Data (documents) are placed in a folder on the server

- The user has a tick "verified" in the profile